As important as words are, this blog seems to have an awful lot of them… So in an attempt to mix-it-up a bit and make the site (and the study) a bit more interesting for those of you who relate better to pictures or for those those don’t feel like writing a mini-novel as their contribution, we are creating opportunities for photographs and videos to be posted on the site as blog content.

After all, a picture says a thousand words, right?

Before the snow hits the ground, we are asking you to help generate blog content with your own photos or videos of Centrertown. Show us with your pictures what local issues are important to you, what places are important to you and should be protected or improved and what is the quality of character that Centretown should be striving for in the future.

To do this we have set up three image banks for you to share your pictures:

Centretown The Good: Send us your pictures of your favourite things in Centretown (buildings, businesses, streets, parks, people). Things that make you love living where you do.

Centretown The Not So Good: Send us your pictures of those aspects of Centretown that you think need the most help. Things that give you some cause for concern.

Centretown Tomorrow: Send us pictures of other places that you think Centretown should be like in the future – think of these as your inspiration for what Centretown could and should be. They can be photos you’ve taken on vacation from other great cities, or they can be photos you’ve seen online or in magazines that you think capture a great ‘urban vibe’ that Centretown should be striving towards. Think of these are the visionary photos.

Video: What is Your Centretown? For the video-savy, we are asking for you to show us in under 2 minutes what is important to you in Centretown. This can be filmed on your phone, on your digital camera or with a video camera. We want to hear you tell us why you think what you are filming is important (as part of your neighbourhood) and should be a priority in the study.
We will be using a selection of your photos on the blog, for display in public forums and potentially as part of the CIP report.

Email me your photos or videos and we will post them on the blog.

Let’s see where this takes us – hopefully it will bring interesting ideas and interesting images to the blog!

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